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Back to You
2008-02-08 15:16
by Jon Weisman

Maureen Ryan of the Chicago Tribune runs down what TV shows will be coming back when if the Writers Guild strike is settled imminently, as many hope and believe.

2008-02-10 16:49:37
1.   D4P
No dates have been set for the following HBO shows: ..."Big Love";..."Tell Me You Love Me"


2008-02-11 09:34:44
2.   ibleedbloo
Though I want all of the Lost I can get, I hope they do it right and don't forsake quality just to be back in time for sweeps. I would rather wait until Fall and have it done right. That same sentiment goes for The Office as well. Though I would assume it would be possible to get out few 22 minute episodes before May, I would be disappointed if they cut corners just to have something to air.

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