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The Wire: A Rookie's Perspective
2008-01-14 11:56
by Jon Weisman

At Variety, I offer my thoughts about The Wire after having missed the first four seasons. I also have a post about how Friday Night Lights recalled the 1954 Cotton Bowl.

2008-01-14 15:34:19
1.   Kevin Lewis
I can't believe I had never seen that play before. It seems like #33 would have stopped him at about the 25 yard line, but you have to give him a touchdown on that play.

BTW, I saw FNL is selling for $19.99 for the first season. I am tempted to pick it up. I wish more tv shows would price their seasons under $35. There is no way Jack Bauer is worth $50 for the season.

2008-01-15 21:18:22
2.   jtrichey
On the grand scale, The Wire's lack of a power punch in each episode would probably knock it down a few pegs. I believe this is intentional, as I have never seen a show set up and develop plot and characters as much and as well as this one. When I was watching season one (just last year), I was struck immediately with the intelligence of the show, but I had to ask "When does it go from really good to this amazing show I've heard about?" That happened in about episode 7 of season 1 for me. After that I learned to enjoy season 2 and the back story it sets up that much more.

I have never seen Hill Street Blues

2008-01-16 23:47:04
3.   Andrew Shimmin
The Wire is Barack Obama's favorite current show.

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