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Will Jamie Lynn Spearsí Pregnancy Be the Most Watched in U.S. History?
2007-12-19 10:31
by Jon Weisman

Personally, I'll be paying more attention to my wife's, and I realize there's a huge swath of people that, like me, could not care less about Jamie Lynn Spears – assuming they know who she is.

But it strikes me that a perfect storm of tabloid frenzy is brewing: a teenage, photogenic-enough kids' TV star and little sister of America's most-scrutinized walking-and-talking car crash having a child. It's like a real-life, unsavory version of Juno, enabling everyone from TMZ to The View to even the New York Times, I imagine, to talk about the issues.

Tread the media carefully, friends. This story is going to seep out of their pores.

Now, the question is, what currently holds the record as the Most Watched Pregnancy in U.S. history?

2007-12-19 14:06:17
1.   Bob Timmermann
The previous record is held by Lucille Ball's pregnancy.
2007-12-19 14:33:47
2.   D4P
There are so many things wrong with this that I won't get started. But I do want to ask this question:

Isn't an umarried 16-year old getting pregnant (assuming she had sex) a case of statutory rape...?

2007-12-19 14:37:42
3.   Bob Timmermann
Depends upon the state.
2007-12-19 14:43:45
4.   Bob Timmermann
It looks like in California, as long as the age difference is not greater than 3 and the youngest person is at least 16, there is no crime.

But IANAL. I just have watched a lot of episodes of "Law and Order."

2007-12-19 14:43:56
5.   D4P
She's apparently getting $1 million from a magazine for baby photos.

It's amazing how many presumably poor people out there like to give a chunk of what little money they have to make people like the Spears' sisters wealthy by buying their albums and magazines and such. It's especially interesting when they (buyers and celebrities) are from the same "social class".

But maybe I'm unfairly stereotyping tabloid purchasers.

2007-12-19 14:44:04
6.   Eric Enders
Let the record show that I had never heard of Jamie-Lynn Spears until just now.

Let the record also show that having to login twice, once for Baseball Toaster and again for, remains annoying.

2007-12-19 14:46:50
7.   D4P
Ditto on both counts.
2007-12-19 14:53:53
8.   Jim Hitchcock
6 ,7 how high on the list of annoying is it, fellas ;)
2007-12-19 15:12:29
9.   Andrew Shimmin
Two mistakes the PI made here:

1. Publishing a teenager.
2. Letting her pick where to put the commas.

Then there's the poll called: "Jamie Lynn Spears is pregnant at age 16. You place blame on....(sic)" The breakdown of society is not a listed choice.

2007-12-19 15:15:34
10.   Jon Weisman
9 - "The breakdown of society is not a listed choice"

Somewhat a propos, I have another post above.

2007-12-19 15:36:48
11.   Peanuts in My Shoes
"What currently holds the record as the Most Watched Pregnancy in U.S. history?"

Hmm, interesting question. Bob's answer is pretty good, though we really watched her pregnancy through her character.

In the media, though, has there been a pregnancy watched more than Brad/Angelina or Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes?

2007-12-19 16:26:33
12.   DXMachina
Jamie Lynn who?

At least I knew who the Landers sisters were.

2007-12-20 01:33:29
13.   Sagehen
1 Gosh, and here I was going to guess Barbara Feldon's. Or was it only 99 who was with child?
2007-12-20 20:01:48
14.   Andrew Shimmin
I've always thought it was weird that school teachers thought they belonged talking to children about sex. But that's nothing!

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