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Thursday Night Open Chat
2007-11-08 15:25
by Jon Weisman

We don't have a lot of these left this year - at least as far as The Office is concerned.

Speaking of which, here's something at Season Pass something to pass the time.

2007-11-08 16:41:32
1.   underdog
Speaking of which... Office fans and those interested in the WGA strike will want to check out this:
"The writing staff of The Office shot on the picket line this informative and funny YouTube piece explaining why they're part of the WGA strike."
2007-11-08 17:15:10
2.   Linkmeister
I've been trolling places for strike posts and found a few, adding my thoughts:

2007-11-08 18:18:55
3.   Benaiah
30 Rock tonight is phenomenal. This one has it all; boys becoming men, men becoming wolves...
2007-11-08 21:59:04
4.   Eric Stephen
Jim devolving into Michael was a nice touch tonight. Also, the final scene almost seemed like an ad lib the way it was so casual. It was funny though.
2007-11-08 23:16:01
5.   Linkmeister
Crossposted from DT:

...from the NYT editorials tomorrow:

"This might sound elitist, but when "The Office" goes out of production, we worry about what might happen to its place in the lineup."

2007-11-08 23:27:39
6.   underdog
30 Rock did indeed rock tonight.

I love Foxy Boxing. It combines two of my favorite things. Boxing. And referees.

The party flashbacks were hilarious.

Even David Schwimmer was funny.

One of their best episodes. Man... I hope they resolve this strike soon.

2007-11-09 10:59:55
7.   Hallux Valgus
I just shook Jesse Jackson's hand at the WGA strike. Also seen- Dennis Haysbert (who I really wanted to get to do my voicemail message), Tom Arnold, and Larry David. And tom Morello and Zach De La Rocha from Rage Against the Machine performed on their little AV truck. And I got a free churro.

This is the best strike ever.

2007-11-09 12:14:19
8.   overkill94
Pretty weak Office last night, though like others have said, 30 Rock rocked.

Still haven't watched Scrubs yet.

It's Always Sunny was a pretty average episode though Charlie's Serpico plotline was pretty dang funny.

2007-11-09 13:16:24
9.   Fletch
Thought that was the weakest Office since some of the first few episodes of the series. Really nothing memorable about the episode at all.
2007-11-09 14:27:59
10.   Benaiah
9 - Well, other than the fact that Jim is slowly but surely being turned into a soulless corporate entity. The American Office, despite its reliance on wacky hijinks, is getting darker and darker. The Scranton Office as a slightly profitable realm of anarchic personalities that demands a madman run it, that is pretty memorable.
2007-11-09 19:51:02
11.   Jon Weisman
Dwight's stash of weapons wasn't memorable?

Michael duct-taping his recently sliced pants?

Jim scarily transforming into a more respectable Michael?

Stanley smiling at his birthday cake?

Dwight trying to knock Michael unconscious with his shoe while driving?

And the final scene with Jim and Michael over the credits was a low-key gem.

9 - The American Office has always injected darkness - always. The show never ceases to show that you can never have it all (or have nothing). Jim is facing work demons now that his love life is going well. They are moving Jim toward his career crossroads, and it's pretty brilliant.

2007-11-09 19:51:46
12.   Jon Weisman
But 30 Rock was very funny, don't get me wrong.

I interviewed Emily Mortimer today (regarding "Lars and the Real Girl" and got to talk about avian bone syndrome with her.

2007-11-09 20:41:29
13.   overkill94
11 I thought the conversation at the end was the only memorable part of the episode. The others you mentioned were fairly amusing, but not particularly memorable.

Finally watched Scrubs and it was pretty decent. JD's plotline was pretty insightful, but Carla's lessons are becoming a bit trite.

2007-11-11 14:00:19
14.   Frip
Funny trailer for the original Get Carter.

"Carter the heated killer...the cool lover."

"Get Carter...before Carter gets you."

2007-11-11 15:02:53
15.   3upn3down

Does ABC purposefully program Desperate Housewives to end at 9:01pm CT to force people with DVR's not smart enough to crop that overage into making tough decision about either recording DH for their wives from 8-9, or recording something else in the 9-10p slot?

It is a really frustrating practice, and I'd be even more upset if it was to intentionally put me in the predicament.

2007-11-11 20:57:05
16.   trainwreck
RIP Cotton Hill
2007-11-12 10:31:06
17.   ToyCannon
Saw Lars and Real Girl this Saturday. I read the premise and saw the previews but couldn't quite figure out how it would work as a movie. To my surprise and delight I thought it was great.

Once a year my wife and curl up with a fire and bring out "The Great Race" and watch Jack Lemmon eating through scene after scene. This Sunday proved to be the perfect day for our annual ritual.

2007-11-12 13:08:34
18.   Jon Weisman
17 - I interviewed screenwriter Nancy Oliver today and actress Emily Mortimer last Friday. It's one of my favorite films of the year.
2007-11-12 13:49:13
19.   mintxcore
man, the Curb finale was fantastic last night! I really hope they don't hit the reset button on his new relationship if there is a next season.

For those who stuck it out with TMYLM, how was it? Was it worth it in the end? It seems like a show that better watched in a larger chunk than weekly.

Now bring on the Extras Xmas Special!!!

2007-11-12 16:39:31
20.   Jon Weisman
I did like last night's Curb. Haven't watched the TMYLM finale yet.
2007-11-12 16:44:31
21.   jasonungar07
Not yet to Curb. I can't stop watching 30 rock from last week. That had to be the funniest episode of comedy I have seen in a while.

I wasn't sure if anything on that show could pass "Never go with a hippie to a second location." from the week before but they did it..multiple times...this one topped it for me:

The dead-pan, hilarious, "We have to talk about what happened last night at Kenneth's party" from Jack

2007-11-12 17:02:41
22.   overkill94
21 I don't know if "never follow a hippie to a second location" can ever be topped, but you're correct in that last week's 30 Rock was probably the best of the series and definitely better than most Offices from this season. It's crazy how quick that show has come into its own.
2007-11-12 17:50:56
23.   D4P
Haven't watched the TMYLM finale yet

We're going to be watching it shortly. I'm excited.

2007-11-12 20:30:56
24.   jasonungar07
Smart Comedy is so tough to pull off...

Let's go to Ben Laden's they got great collars.

2007-11-13 05:38:00
25.   D4P
The season finale of TMYLM was really good. It makes me think the first season was written with the thought that it might very well be the only season, as the show could reasonably end where it left off.

Along those lines, I'm left to wonder where the show will go from here. SPOILERS TO FOLLOW

1. The fact that Hugo and Jamie don't actually get married in this episode makes me think they probably won't. Otherwise, why not just have them married at the end of the show? Why pick up next season at the "chapel" with them getting married? I've never cared much for either character, but it was nice to see them reunite.

2. What's next for Palek and Carolyn? Will C take him back, and is he only willing to come back because they're no longer pregnant?

3. Katie and Dave - wow. Dave saying "eff you" and then walking into the kitchen and closing the fridge and asserting himself was triumphant. But are their problems solved? Do they still need therapy?

2007-11-13 07:09:54
26.   Jon Weisman
25 -

1) I think the marriage was implied. In any case, I wouldn't assume the show would pick up (if it comes back) the minute the previous season left off. It could pick up six months into their marriage.

2) They're so screwed up, anything is possible.

3) Do they still need therapy? Are you kidding? All they've done is find they still have the passion to keep the light on. Their sex was like a wrestling match.

2007-11-13 07:19:48
27.   D4P
1. I hadn't thought about that. I guess we'll find out. (BTW: will the writer's strike affect this show in any way...?)

2. I read a comment on a blog in which the commenter posed the possibility that the miscarriage was actually an abortion. I don't know whether that's a possibility, as it seems that the ultrasound doctor would have been able to figure that out. But I'm no expert.

3. I guess I meant, do they think they still need therapy. Will they still go. I suppose they will, given that therapy is such a big part of the show.

2007-11-13 08:16:29
28.   D4P
This from HBO's official episode summary:

The next day, they walk into a wedding chapel with $250 and walk out as husband and wife.

So, I guess Jamie and Hugo are married after all.

2007-11-13 09:41:41
29.   Bob Timmermann
So were you the last two people in America watching the show? Did Jane Alexander come to your house to thank you?
2007-11-13 10:20:43
30.   D4P
Did Jane Alexander come to your house to thank you?

Just to say thank you. Nothing more. I swear.

2007-11-13 16:21:03
31.   jtrichey
Jon, do you have the inside skinny on this writer's strike? How long does it look like it mat go?
2007-11-14 22:04:25
32.   Eric Stephen
Is anyone still watching Pushing Daisies? I've enjoyed every episode thus far, regardless of how corny it may seem.

Spectacular imagery, bright colors, quick dialog. Chi McBride & Kristen Chenoweth are outstanding. I can't say enough about this show.

2007-11-14 22:16:13
33.   Bob Timmermann
I don't watch that show because I have no soul and no sense of whimsy.
2007-11-15 00:24:59
34.   overkill94
32 I'm enjoying it. I forgot to set my DVR for it tonight, but I've seen all the previous episodes and enjoyed them.

It could be the first show that I've actually come in on the ground floor on. Seinfeld, The Office, Scrubs, It's Always Sunny, etc. were all shows that I did not start watching until they were already pretty well established. I wouldn't call myself a front-runner, just someone who never really watched primetime television until this year.

2007-11-15 07:01:17
35.   Jon Weisman
I still like it.
2007-11-15 09:00:38
36.   Bob Timmermann
Jon has whimsy and a soul.
2007-11-15 17:16:19
37.   Jon Weisman
31 - A long time, since they can't even get in the same room to negotiate.

36 - It's a very inventive show. It really isn't just surface stuff. Although it does lag in the middle sometimes.

New post up top.

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