Baseball Toaster Screen Jam
The Office Take on the WGA Strike
2007-11-07 16:15
by Jon Weisman

And more from Jenna Fischer and Greg Daniels.

2007-11-07 21:32:52
1.   Eric Stephen
Good stuff from Jenna Fischer; I certainly don't want her to live in the dark.

Greg Daniels et al are pretty funny in that clip. Great chemistry with Toby, Ryan, and Kelly!

2007-11-07 22:20:24
2.   LogikReader
Here's what Jenna had:

"Oh...there are only 2 unaired original episodes of The Office left. And, I'm sad to say the one we were getting ready to shoot was going to be the funniest of the year. I'm sure of it. They've been pitching this particular story idea for over 2 years…it involves Pam and Jim being in Michael's home but that's all I'll say."


2007-11-08 12:08:02
3.   Kevin Lewis
It is nice to see the actors supporting the writing staff.
2007-11-08 12:54:33
4.   Jon Weisman

Melora Hardin sings about ... well, you be the judge.

SFW? Well ... you be the judge.

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