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Monday Night Open Chat
2007-10-08 18:44
by Jon Weisman

I was told to give Chuck one more chance ... we'll see. More interested in the second episode of Aliens in America.

2007-10-08 18:57:08
1.   Bluebleeder87
Californication is one of those series that I can't wait for it to be Monday, I haven't felt that way about a series in a LONG time. But then agains I'm not a big T.V./series type.
2007-10-08 23:45:47
2.   Bob Timmermann
"Heroes" seemed to return to being dopey.
2007-10-09 10:41:25
3.   Ken Arneson
2 This episode was better than the first episode of this season, but there's nothing unifying that's driving the plot yet. We're just swimming around in no particular direction.
2007-10-09 14:15:58
4.   Kevin Lewis

That is the reason I go up and down with this show. One thing that has bothered me is that no one seemed to notice that Sylar was gone at the end of season 1. I understand they were focused on the big explosion, but wouldn't someone notice the body being gone? I mean they were hunting this guy down the whole season!!!

2007-10-09 15:26:32
5.   Ken Arneson
4 Well, I suppose if it was indeed the illusionist who rescued Sylar, she could have created the illusion that Sylar's body was still there.

But I hate having to come up with explanations like that.

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