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The Return of Cupid
2007-10-03 06:52
by Jon Weisman

Talk about your brilliant but canceled shows has to include Cupid, with Jeremy Piven and yes, Paula Marshall. Rob Thomas of Veronica Mars was the creator, and when I got the chance to interview him for the first time, I wouldn't let him off the phone before asking whether Cupid would come out on DVD. (He said he got asked that a lot.)

Well, this might go things one better. According to Josef Adalian of Variety, Cupid is being reborn:

ABC has been struck by Cupid's arrow again.

Net has pacted with scribe Rob Thomas ("Veronica Mars") to develop a new version of "Cupid," the short-lived but well-regarded Jeremy Piven starrer about a man who thinks he's been sent to earth by Zeus to help out romantically challenged souls. Project is one of two scripts Thomas has in the works via a just-inked one-year development deal with ABC Studios. ...

"For the last couple years, I've been talking to ABC about how to do an anthological romantic comedy a la 'Cupid' or 'Love Boat,' " Thomas said. "We kept beating around ideas and kept coming back to 'Cupid' as the best of the group. So they said to me, 'Why not go back and do 'Cupid' again?"

Thomas said he was "shocked" by the request -- in a good way.

"I'm getting a chance to do what writers never get the chance to do, which is to go back and try" to improve a work, he added.

Scribe said that while he'll write a completely new pilot, "I'm not going to reinvent it. What they're buying is the show."

There will be changes, of course.

For one thing, Piven, busy on "Entourage," won't be reprising his role. Thomas also wants to come up with a main title sequence that captures the show's conceit so he doesn't have to explain it every week. ...

2007-10-03 08:30:43
1.   Bob Timmermann
But what of the other co-star of "Cupid?"

The story seemed to leave some leeway.

I think Alison La Placa would be a good choice.

2007-10-03 09:03:55
2.   Jon Weisman
Of course, I noticed the leeway too. But Paula's gettin' an ex-Cub thing about her.
2007-10-10 22:16:18
3.   Scott Long
Sorry I'm checking in so late on this one, but have been swamped with a few other things that are going on. Loved Cupid and Piven and Marshall had the best chemistry together in a show like it since Moonlighting. I felt the talents of the 2 stars were just as important as the writing, so I can't see the show working without them, which isn't going to happen, considering Piven's long-waited, but well-deserved stardom.

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