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Post-Weekend Open Chat
2007-10-01 11:19
by Jon Weisman

Give Aliens in America a look this evening ...

2007-10-01 11:36:18
1.   D4P
I find myself surprisingly interested in TMYLM. I anxiously await each new episode. I'm not completely sure why. The writers have made me care, which is not easy to do.

I thought the scene with Dave and Katie in therapy was good. I've read some books lately on communication, assertiveness, being direct, etc., and I can now identify specific mistakes they make in their communication. They are not direct with each other, expect the other to mind-read, negatively interpret each other's behaviors, etc. It's so clear to me now that they need to be explicit in stating what they want, feel, think, etc., rather than expecting the other person to "just know".

2007-10-01 12:14:34
2.   Kevin Lewis
Did anyone else catch the season premiere of "Chuck"? I kind of enjoyed it, so I will watch a few more episodes. It seems like it has a lot of possibility for some good comedy, and I like the cast.
2007-10-01 12:16:53
3.   Kevin Lewis

I am scared by how much of myself I saw in your "specific mistakes" examples from above.

Now I need to go hash things out with my wife.

2007-10-01 12:31:07
4.   D4P
I've made a ton of those mistakes myself, and only recently became aware of them. I'm glad I did, as my marriage has improved a lot in a relatively short time.
2007-10-01 13:19:15
5.   Eric Stephen
2 I went into Chuck with low expectations and was pleasantly surprised. It was a decent enough pilot, but I'm not sure they can keep the story going for very long.

I plan to watch "Aliens in America" tonight, but I can only record two things at once. Heroes and the CBS duo of "Mother" and "Men" take up my 8pm hour, although if last week was any indication, Heroes won't be on my list much longer.

In any case, I'll just watch Aliens in America on my other TV in the bedroom tonight.

2007-10-01 13:33:05
6.   Jon Weisman
Heroes is on at 9. Chuck is at 8.
2007-10-01 14:33:34
7.   Kevin Lewis
I've said it once, and I will say it again. Heroes is dead to me.
2007-10-01 14:35:12
8.   Kevin Lewis
Hmmm. Aliens sounds very interesting
2007-10-01 16:54:47
9.   Kevin Lewis
Has anyone seen "The King of Kong"? I keep hearing great things.
2007-10-01 19:39:05
10.   Eric Stephen
6 I mixed them up, but I'm recording Chuck too! And now baseball may stretch past 8pm. What to do? What to do?

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