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Variety Fall TV Preview
2007-09-11 22:51
by Jon Weisman

Writeups by Variety staff on the five broadcast networks can be found here. In addition, we have a section called TV Fall-Stars that focuses on 20 individuals or combos that have the highest expectations or the most at stake in the upcoming season.

2007-09-12 09:15:59
1.   jtrichey
I posted this in the last thread, but it fts better here:

Looking through the network offerings for new shows, I gotta say this is the least excited I've been. There isn't a single show that I think I need to watch that. The only 3 that I am thinking about trying are Pushing Daisies (sounds like a little too much of a love story angle for my tastes) Reaper (is it funny, cool, exciting?) and Journeyman. I won't be surprised if even those 3 are off my watch list by November.

2007-09-12 14:57:13
2.   Penarol1916
To me, it seems like it has been alternating years when there are a lot of exciting new shows.
4 years ago, I don't think there was a single show I was excited about.
3 years ago, Lost, Veronica Mars, Desperate Housewives and a couple of other shows seemed like they would be very interesting. 2 years ago, nothing.
Last year, Heroes, Friday Night Lights, Studio 60, and The Nine all seemed like they might be good, although the last two were not, the surprising Brothers & Sisters (not great, but pretty decent) and 30 Rock made up for it.
This year, I'll check out a couple of shows, but I'm not sure if I'm really excited by any like I was last year or 3 years ago.
2007-09-12 15:11:19
3.   CanuckDodger
My computer can't access Season Pass, so can somebody please summarize Jon's opinions on the following six shows (the ones that sound interesting to me):

Bionic Woman
Pushing Daisies
Viva Laughlin

2007-09-12 17:40:54
4.   Jon Weisman
Chuck - likable actors but hokey pilot ... will give it another chance but not sure I'll stick with it.

Bionic Woman - not bad ... much darker and moodier than I expected.

Journeyman - Just not a very dynamic show, and the approach to the ramifications of time travel seems lazy.

Pushing Daisies - The most pleasurable of the fall shows – hoping that its sunny side won't grow too old too fast. A show that really seems to have something to say and will be a good time to boot.

Reaper - Sort of a modern-day "Ghostbusters" with a lead character you can really root for and a great overall sensibility. Airing on the CW, it's going to depend on word-of-mouth to get the viewers that will probably end up migrating to "Chuck."

Viva Laughlin - Didn't like it. I enjoy musicals, but a karaoke musical with on-the-nose song choices that add nothing to the story isn't avant-garde, it's boring.

2007-09-12 17:46:56
5.   CanuckDodger
4 -- Thanks. Those six shows aside, are there any other shows you strongly recommend?
2007-09-12 18:45:50
6.   D4P
(Posted this in the previous thread, but it's probably dead).

Regarding "Tell Me You Love Me": I thought the only remotely interesting couple (in the first episode) was the couple with kids who are no longer "active". The two younger couples are boring and make me really aware that I'm watching actors, not real people. The older couple is fine, though the notion of senior sex is no longer avant-garde in my view. It's a bit passe.

Again, the only storyline that interests me is the couple with kids.

2007-09-12 19:00:41
7.   Jon Weisman
I have now read four times that the only storyline that interests you is the couple with the kids :)
2007-09-12 19:01:18
8.   Jon Weisman
5 - My strongest recommendations, based on the pilots, were for Pushing Daisies, Reaper, and Aliens in America.
2007-09-12 19:01:28
9.   D4P
They don't call me D 4 P for nothin'...
2007-09-12 23:53:33
10.   Bob Timmermann
"Tell Me You Love Me" got a second go around with my on demand service.

It was subsequently deleted.

I'm not even sure what transpired in the show as I was that uninvolved.

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