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Farewell, Bergman and Snyder
2007-07-30 07:29
by Jon Weisman

My film buffness stops before I get to Ingmar Bergman, which I suppose some would say means it never started at all. But I did want to note his passing.

Former talkshow icon Tom Snyder, on the other hand, I am more familiar with. He was unique and interesting, if not strangely mesmerizing - Dan Ackroyd's impersonations of him during the early years of Saturday Night Live always struck me as a tribute.

Bergman died at the age of 89; Snyder died Sunday at the age of 71.

2007-07-30 08:00:32
1.   GobiasIndustries
That's a shame about Tom Snyder. I didn't know who he was until he had the Late Late Show on CBS in the mid 90's that followed Letterman. I was a teenager and my mother essentially told me all about him. I really really enjoyed his show when it was on. For some reason I just found his interview style to be compelling. I always wanted to watch no matter who the guest was. He just found a way to make everyone seem interesting. I will always remember him for his fascination with Lionel toy train sets and his gigantic teeth. Weird I know but tonight at dinner I will drink a "colortini" in his honor.

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