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Simpsons Movie Reviews Begin
2007-07-24 16:39
by Jon Weisman

The first person I know of to see The Simpsons Movie, Brian Lowry of Variety, has a mostly positive review:

After 18 years and 400 episodes, "The Simpsons" has developed a wide array of potential moviegoers, from those who still watch to those who once watched to those who don't watch anymore but now have kids that do. The question is how many will feel inspired to ante up for something so readily available for the price of enduring commercials and Fox's incessant on-air promotion. Happily, the long-gestating movie itself offers a fine incentive, and Fox's inspired marketing campaign (7-Eleven becoming Kwik-E-Mart? Genius) should ensure enough curiosity to stuff the studio's pockets, as it were, with dollars from doughnuts.

Put simply, if somebody had to make a "Simpsons" movie, this is pretty much what it should be -- clever, irreverent, satirical and outfitted with a larger-than-22-minutes plot, capable (just barely) of sustaining a narrative roughly four times the length of a standard episode.

Spolier warning: The plot setups are described in broad strokes.

2007-07-24 18:12:12
1.   The Mootz
I've never seen a Simpsons episode in which I sat with a few hundred people watching it, so being in a movie theater and hearing other people laugh with me over Homer's antics will be a nice experience.

I just hope the movie is better than this past mediocre season.

2007-07-24 20:28:15
2.   overkill94
From the last thread, I forgot to mention possibly THE funniest part of FotC that they kinda buried during the credits:

"Binary solo!"

"0000001 00000011 000000111"

2007-07-26 08:10:54
3.   jtrichey
The Simpsons TV show has certainly been on a slow decline almost season by season (or is it possible that it is staying the same while I grow older?--Nahhh) The clips and commercials I have seen for the movie do not seem funny at all. I am as big a Simpsons fan as about anyone, yet I have no real desire to go see that movie. What's wrong with me?
2007-07-26 15:13:06
4.   Hallux Valgus
I just got back from The Simpsons Movie. It was extremely funny. The first 10 minutes are as funny as anything as I've seen in a long time. After that, I laughed consistently, but it lacked the big belly laughs of the beginning. The plot was negligible, but it kept moving for the duration. Make sure you stay through the credits for some added joke.

I've seen the "spiderpig" bit about 40 times, and I still laugh every time.

My biggest problem was that Arnold Schwarzeneger was the president, and not Ranier Wolfcastle. If that's your biggest problem, you're doing pretty good.

2007-07-26 15:25:23
5.   underdog
I'll wait 'til I see it tomorrow before reading reviews and comments in depth, though I did start a Simpsons movie talk, er, blog entry, at the GC Daily if anyone wants to drop by. Let me know if you blog about it and feel like sharing.

And what's up with the aspect ratio debate? Anyone know? (Read the above entry's comments)

2007-07-26 15:31:31
6.   trainwreck
Yeah, I did not get that in commercials. I was hoping they had Ranier change his name to Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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