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Charles Lane, 1905-2007
2007-07-10 16:46
by Jon Weisman

Prolific character actor Charles Lane passed away Monday at the age of 102, The Associated Press reports.

From Dodger Thoughts, January 30, 2006: "Nine Girls"

I have to join in on the salutes to character actor Charles Lane, who just turned 101. Thanks to Dennis Cozzalio of Sergio Leone and the Infield Fly Rule and others for passing on the news. Lane's Internet Movie Database entry lists 322 roles. Reportedly, Lane was honored at the 2005 TV Land Awards and said, "In case anyone's interested, I'm still available!"

Lane is most memorable to me from his appearances on I Love Lucy in different parts, such as the casting director in the episode where Lucy has bet she won't lie, and as the other father in the waiting room the night Little Ricky was born. Lane entered the hospital as the father of six girls and left as the father of three more. His world-weary delivery of the line, "Nine girls ..." is priceless.

Fred, of course, suggests Lane form a softball team.

2007-07-10 17:17:00
1.   bhsportsguy
I believe he also played the Ricardo's business manager in the episode where Ricky believes Lucy is playing the stock market.

My favorite memory of him is when he played an employee of Old Man Potter in "Its A Wonderful Life" and he breaksdown the houses that are being built with the assistance of Bailey Savings and Loan. He ends his presentation by calling himself a young man (lets see, the film was probably made around 1945-1946, so he would have been 40-41 years old) who might be going to George Bailey for a job some day.

Certainly someone whose face and voice would be recognized by many. He must have been in every sitcom in '50s and '60s.

2007-07-10 17:23:58
2.   Bob Timmermann
One day, Mr. Potter, I'm going to find myself working for George Bailey!
2007-07-15 16:39:39
3.   DXMachina
He was in the Music Man, too, as the town constable.

Professor, you're a pretty bright young feller, only you made a couple of mistakes.


The mayor owns the billiard parlor AND that new pool table.

2007-07-15 21:57:05
4.   Benaiah
The last verse of the first song on FotC tonight was perfect. "Entourage" was decent tonight, but it continued its light homophobia ("He said you suck ####" Oh my, you can't stand for that!). Well, I gotta go because it's business time.

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