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Knocked Up Virgin = Gold
2007-05-31 13:45
by Jon Weisman

Knocked Up takes a backseat to The 40-Year-Old Virgin for me, but there's no shame in that. With the two films taken together, so clever in how they highbrow the lowbrow, Judd Apatow and friends might be saving the feature film comedy.

Though I thoroughly enjoyed Knocked, there was something not completely satisfying about it. Carina Chocano of the Times hits on at least part of it in her mostly positive review, noting the neglect in the development of Katherine Heigl's character.

But go see the movie. It's great fun.

2007-06-01 09:51:07
1.   Jon Weisman
Want to see my cubicle? It's the empty one right in front of Mike Schneider's head!

2007-06-01 10:23:11
2.   Jon Weisman
I don't know if this is news, but I just read that Battlestar Galactica will announce today that its upcoming fourth season will be its last.
2007-06-01 11:12:31
3.   Ken Arneson
2 That had been the assumption for awhile, but it hadn't been confirmed.
2007-06-01 12:27:13
4.   underdog
Can't wait to get Knocked Up, I mean, see it. Fun is all I ask.

Meanwhile, speaking of upcoming seasons for great shows, fans of The Wire will be excited to hear that there will be a 5th season and it's filming now. And it will deal with the mass media, which should be fascinating.

2007-06-01 15:00:57
5.   Inside Baseball
Does anyone watch "Life on Mars?" Is it worth checking out? A co-worker just recommended it to me but I don't know her tastes that well.
2007-06-01 15:33:11
6.   jasonungar07
Nice news about the Wire. It's one of my favorite shows for sure. And good/news bad news on Galactica. I think it needs and end point but will be sad to see it go.
2007-06-01 17:54:13
7.   T Money
Yeah, I might have enjoyed "Virgin" a hair more as well. But it was close.

Anyone else seen "Away From Her" yet? I saw it today, and had deeply mixed feelings about it. In short: liked the first half a lot more than the second.

For you L.A. moviegoers who might be interested, I saw "Away From Her" at the new Landmark theater at the Westside Pavilion. It has potential, but seems far from finished. I could hear construction noise during the movie. I was in what they're calling a "living room" auditorium, meaning that it has black leather couches instead of chairs. It was fine today, as the theater was only a third full. But I'm not sure I'd be so keen on the idea if I had to share a couch, with no arm-rest barrier, with strangers.

2007-06-01 18:47:03
8.   CanuckDodger
5 -- Life On Mars is fantastic, especially the first episode. You really do have to watch it from the beginning.
2007-06-01 20:22:10
9.   Jon Weisman
I believe Life on Mars is being adapted for the U.S. by David Kelley. Beware.
2007-06-01 22:19:38
10.   Inside Baseball
8, 9 Thanks a lot. I'll definitely try to catch it from the beginning then. Sounded pretty interesting.
2007-06-01 22:28:37
11.   Bluebleeder87
i don't know much about theater or movies but the guy from entourage (Jeremy Piven) is a hell of an actor, i just saw Smokin Aces on PPV & the guy just flat out can act. IMO.
2007-06-03 13:03:36
12.   Curtis Lowe
Though I didn't enjoy Knocked Up as much as I enjoyed Virgin, I still had a really good time watching it. Definitely the funniest movie I've seen all year and might be the funniest of 07 depending on Superbad.

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