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2007-05-29 09:40
by Jon Weisman

Barely a week after announcing its 2007-08 primetime schedule, NBC is in upheaval. From Variety:

Memorial Day weekend felt more like the Fourth of July at NBC as Jeff Zucker put the finishing touches on an explosive rewiring of the Peacock's Burbank exec structure.

Zucker has recruited Ben Silverman for a key gig at the Peacock's West Coast operations, sending a clear message that he's serious about blowing up the old network business model.

Instead of turning to someone who came up through the usual ranks as a development exec or business affairs wonk, Zucker is counting on the flashy, energetic Reveille topper (and former agent) to help reinvent NBC Entertainment and push the network out of the ratings cellar.

The clumsy way in which Silverman's still-pending deal has been handled -- many would say mishandled -- certainly starts things off on a rocky note, however. The move has already alienated two of Zucker's top lieutenants -- NBC Entertainment prexy Kevin Reilly, who will ankle, and NBC development chief Katherine Pope, whose future with the conglom is murky. ...

2007-05-29 10:28:18
1.   Xeifrank
Saw my one movie of the year this weekend, Shrek III. It was pretty good, I thought the acting (can you call it acting when it's just a voice-over) from Justin Timberlake was pretty good. John Cleese's character was annoying to say the least. The Led Zeppelin and Heart songs were nicely timed.
I'd recommend the movie to any person with youngsters. If you sit in front of me next time, please no talking on your cellphone during the movie. :(
vr, Xei
2007-05-29 10:32:37
2.   Bob Timmermann
Hey, I saw that movie this weekend too. It didn't have the same zing as the other two. I think it needed more Puss in Boots, although I realize there isn't a lot you can do with that character.

John Cleese's character only had about five minutes of screen time, so you must have a great dislike of frogs.

2007-05-29 11:58:36
3.   Penarol1916
I saw it two weeks ago with the kids. They didn't care for it that much, and I thought it was just okay, but the Heart song and the sequence was really good.

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