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Collegiate Idol
2007-05-25 12:47
by Jon Weisman

At 17, Jordin Sparks becomes the first American Idol winner forced to choose between college or going pro - or juggling the two. What will she do? And will the public do any hand-wringing over the choice the way it does for athletes?

Personally, it seems to me she'd have a great time in college and surely benefit, but I suppose you can only take advantage of so many opportunities at once.

2007-05-25 14:36:13
1.   Curtis Lowe
I would go with career and have college as a fall back.
2007-05-25 18:57:22
2.   Greg Brock
Do you go to college to prepare yourself as a valuable commodity, or do you go to college to become a more fully formed and well rounded individual?

For most people, I guess it's both. But I always considered college an important step in life. I hope she goes to college.

2007-05-26 16:56:16
3.   Andrew Shimmin
Hey SufferingBruin, I M N UR intertubes, reading all your music reviews.

As should have been expected, Mr. Bruin has excellent taste. Although, fine to say the Sam and Dave re-recordings aren't great, but were they really that good to begin with?

2007-05-26 20:38:50
4.   Greg Brock
I read that James Gray's film was very, very well received at Cannes.

Awesome. Congrats to the family!

2007-05-26 22:38:56
5.   Andrew Shimmin
The IMDB recommends The Godfather II and The French Connection to people who like We Own the Night. Can't beat that.
2007-05-26 23:03:16
6.   Jon Weisman
4 - Actually, the reaction was strangely mixed. Got some negative reaction to Thursday's press screening, but Friday's actual premiere got an ovation. All I know is I thought it was good.
2007-05-27 00:34:00
7.   Greg Brock
It couldn't have been too mixed. I didn't hear about the press screening, but it's in the mix for some hardware, right?

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