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Rescheduling Gilmore, Veronica
2007-05-09 10:49
by Jon Weisman

Preempted in Los Angeles by coverage of the Griffith Park fire, Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars have been rescheduled to air on KTLA on Saturday at 8 p.m. and 9 p.m.

Gilmore is heading toward its series finale. The same has been said about Veronica, but the show just might get a stay of execution. From my article for Variety on Tuesday:

It may take a certain amount of time travel, but "Veronica Mars" could be back on the CW schedule for 2007-08, despite ongoing conventional wisdom suggesting otherwise.

"We're very much on the bubble," showrunner Rob Thomas said. "I will say that the reports of our demise have been exaggerated. We are very much in the hunt for a shot next year. ...

Expected to combine with fellow female-skewing drama "Gilmore Girls" to be a lynchpin for the first-year network, "Veronica" has battled disappointing ratings (and even some weakness in its habitually stout support from critics) throughout its third season. ...

The recent announcement that "Gilmore" will be gone for good after this season fed pessimistic projections for "Veronica," but Thomas wasn't folding his tent yet, and was even prepared to take a bold step into the future.

"We pitched them two different versions of the show," he said. "One with Veronica continuing in year two of college, and one in which we fast-forward four years and she's an FBI agent. I don't know which version they might order."

Reps from the CW and Warner Bros, which co-produces the show, declined to comment. The CW is scheduled to make its presentation at the upfronts in New York on May 17, which means that word on the fate of "Veronica" will come within a week. ...

2007-05-10 16:29:43
1.   sgreen23
I'm not sure how I feel about the "Future" Veronica. I guess it will definitely be a challenge for the writers. It just seems to go away from the strengths of the show (twisted characters and storylines set in a little beach town) and becomes more of a CSI or Law and Order type show.
2007-05-10 20:56:38
2.   Jon Weisman
1 - Except that it would have way more character development than those procedurals.
2007-05-11 18:58:14
3.   sgreen23
While I do think Veronica Mars does a good job with character development (although I'm happy that haven't changed Dick's character), I don't believe this season's characters are very interesting. Not in comparisions to the first two. I could really do without Piz or Parker - I guess so much so that I had to go to IMDB to look for their character's names. If they lose the school enviroment, what will happen to Mac, Logan, or Keith? I relish the episodes that have Wallace on. I'll watch the next season, but again I think it will be a big challenge.

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