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Lost Open Chat
2007-05-03 12:52
by Jon Weisman

2007-05-03 12:57:24
1.   Bob Timmermann
The Others really don't like "Becker." But I hear they are fond of "Supertrain."
2007-05-03 12:57:49
2.   jtrichey
That was the best episode of the year. Good reveals, with the hope (promise?) of more to come. Like the tiny revolution against Jack. Don't like Jack's recent smugness, maybe a comeuppance next week. Lost is still the top of the heap to me.
2007-05-03 12:59:06
3.   Daniel Zappala
I haven't watched much, but the big revelation for me was that several people new to the island claim Flight 815 crashed, was found intact on the ocean floor, with all bodies still on the plane. So everyone on the plane is dead, yet somehow alive on the island. Locke's father also comes to the island after supposedly dying in a car crash. So ... what exactly is the island then? And how did the Others get there? What is the purpose of the Others and what role do babies play?
2007-05-03 13:00:38
4.   Daniel Zappala
What is it that Jack and Julia know that they haven't told everyone else?
2007-05-03 13:02:43
5.   Bob Timmermann
I don't think it's Hell or Heaven. It would not be that hard to fake footage of a downed plane in the ocean for the Others. They have a lot of resources.

And if it's a non-real place how do you explain Naomi, who is not an Other or a Lostie?

2007-05-03 13:03:05
6.   Bob Timmermann
As they say on "Lost"

It's complicated.

2007-05-03 13:07:08
7.   Curtis Lowe
Whatever happens I blame Kate and I really like the way Sawyer handled Soyear.
2007-05-03 13:51:31
8.   KBL
I wonder if Locke inadvertently helped Sawyer get past his own obsessions by killing the other Sawyer. Could we now expect Sawyer to experience something mystical from the island because of what he did? I have no idea what Jack and Juliet were talking about in front of Kate. I don't think it is just as simple as the plan to come and get everyone off the island. Maybe they know something about the island that would make it impossible to send communication or to even be found by someone who is intent on looking for it.
2007-05-03 13:52:25
9.   KBL
I meant to say the plan to kidnap the pregnant women.

I think they are talking about something we do not know about yet.

2007-05-03 13:57:52
10.   Inside Baseball
2 - I also think this was the best episode of the year.

4, 8 My guess is that Jack knows that Juliet is reporting to Ben. I think she told him immediately and they are trying to get her back on his good graces for future benefit. Jack wants to limit who knows so as to not jeopardize the plan.

5 I agree, although I like hell/purgatory as a plausible (all things considered)explanation for everything (just like I liked the idea it all being a hallucination in an institutionalized Hurley's mind), I highly doubt that's where they are going with it. First, it's too easy, and second, they would make that explanation a huge reveal at the end of the show (akin to the end of any M. Night Shyamalan movie).

2007-05-03 14:05:46
11.   JoeyP
3--I think the bombshell regarding the government already finding the wreckage, along with all the bodies--is simply meant as a device to take away all the hope of the survivors.

Most of the hope of the survivors revolved around the notion that someone was still looking for them. Now they know that the Govt apparently thinks they've already been found, and that there are no survivors--so now what do they do?

This season has been really good.
IMO, Michael Emerson addition to the cast was genius. He just plays his role perfect.

And as i said in the previous thread, Sawyer took his acting to a whole new level with his performance last nite.

2007-05-03 14:08:06
12.   KBL
i still linger over Sayid's question, "did you see her helicopter?" It seems strange that she would still be out at night doing a search and rescue
2007-05-03 14:09:24
13.   KBL
But I do love how they have brought in two different character to play with the hell/purgatory theory and one who gives the hope of rescue. Very well done. OT: has anyone been watching Heroes since it came back. This last episode was excellent IMO
2007-05-03 14:26:15
14.   Curtis Lowe
12- Also the Russian comm guy that was at the chute site before anybody is kinda unsettling.
2007-05-03 15:51:06
15.   Bob Timmermann
That was more unsettling than the fact that he wasn't dead?
2007-05-03 16:37:25
16.   Curtis Lowe
15 - yes... Were you not unsettled?
2007-05-03 17:31:02
17.   JoeyP
Pretty funny Earl tonight that completely lampoons Rudy...even Charles S. Dutton makes an appearance.
2007-05-03 17:43:09
18.   Curtis Lowe
17 - Really I thought this ep. was going to stink.
2007-05-03 21:11:11
19.   Agronox
Excellent Lost, excellent Heroes, above average The Office.

It's been a good week for TV.

2007-05-04 07:03:21
20.   Penarol1916
Mixed feelings about this week's Lost. I thought that the acting was excellent (except for Evangeline Lilly, but it may just be the writers making her character incredibly annoying) and it seemed to set things up for a very good last 3 episodes. The problem was that I absolutely hate it when the characters have every opportunity to explain what is going on but don't for no real reason. Like Jack not wanting to tell Kate whatever Juliet wanted to tell her and Ben refusing to tell Locke anything until after he killed his father.
2007-05-04 07:11:36
21.   Penarol1916
Completely off topic, but I was wondering if anyone heard anything about a new sitcom starring Parker Posey and the daughter for 6 Feet Under. I got a tape of the pilot to watch for a survey yesterday and it was really not very good, particularly the writing, which went from moderately clever to incredibly stupid very quickly. I was also really put off by the laugh-track, I don't think I've heard one of those in ages. I was just wondering if it was supposed to be written by anyone good or if it was some new writers who could show improvement.
2007-05-04 12:12:17
22.   Bob Timmermann
That's "Jezebel James" and it's by Amy Sherman-Palladino, formerly of "The Gilmore Girls."
2007-05-04 12:34:13
23.   Penarol1916
The tape was labeled "The Return of Jezzebel James." I can see a little bit of The Gilmore Girls fast paced chatter in the show, but the wit is really off and on and the rhythm is totally broken up by the laugh-track. The title is also very strange given the fact that Jezzebel James is just a character in a book series that Parker Posey is editing and is based on her younger sister's imaginary friend, but really has nothing to do with the show.
2007-05-04 23:15:13
24.   Greg Brock
I am so late to this party...I just saw the episode.

Locke's Dad is just playing into the "Purgatory" thing that people have been speculating about since the first season. I think it's a way for Lindloff and Cuse to mess with the audience a little bit. It's not Purgatory.

I think Kate is pregnant. I figure it will be one of the big reveals at the end of the season. All this coitus with Sawyer has to mean something, right?

I thought Josh Holloway was outstanding, and I felt some sick satisfaction watching him strangle the man that ruined his life.

Very solid episode.

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