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April 19 Open Chat
2007-04-19 16:55
by Jon Weisman

Mostly new episodes on the networks tonight, but The Office is a rerun.

2007-04-24 17:22:15
1.   overkill94
Dang, I guess it's mostly Office fans on Thursday nights.

I thought Scrubs was pretty blah and I wish they'd stick to JD's thoughts instead of other characters (though Dr. Kelso's was pretty funny). The best part was the janitor's outrageous stories - he pulls them off so convincingly.

30 Rock was again fairly disappointing, though the "Cleveland as a paradise" was sorta funny. It seems that they're moving further and further away from the actual show they put on and focusing more on the Lemon/Jack dynamic, which can get a little boring.

2007-04-25 20:59:12
2.   Jon Weisman
30 Rock hasn't disappointed me in weeks.

I think the Lemon/Jack stuff is better than The Girly Show stuff, which by design is pretty mediocre. I would say expect even more of that, except that who knows what Alec's future holds.

2007-04-25 20:59:28
3.   Jon Weisman
By the way, thanks for visiting!
2007-04-25 23:55:26
4.   bhsportsguy
I am listening to an NPR show where they are talking movies that make guys cry.

The one scene that always gets me is in the mini-series Anne of Green Gables where Richard Farnsworth dies in the field and as he lays there and Anne is telling him they should have gotten a boy who could have helped him in the fields, he tells her that no, she saved he and his sister and that he was so proud of his Anne.

Wow, I can't believe I am also tearing up writing this comment.

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