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Thursday Night's All Right for Vegging
2007-04-12 16:58
by Jon Weisman

Thursday night's all right
All right all right




Thursday night's all right




Thursday night's all right

2007-04-12 21:37:59
1.   Bob Timmermann
Has this thread been shunned?

[End shunning]


[Resume shunning]

2007-04-12 22:11:07
2.   Jon Weisman
I never worked at a wearhouse. I'm weak :(
2007-04-12 22:12:36
3.   Andrew Shimmin
I worked in a warehouse for a week, a long time ago. I counted boxes. There were lots of them.
2007-04-12 23:03:58
4.   Bob Timmermann
I'm going to be rooting so hard for John Mellencamp to win an Oscar now.
2007-04-13 11:12:21
5.   Brent is a Dodger Fan
I worked in an office that was inside a warehouse -- they just carved off a space for the office. And, strangely, they did have paper in this warehouse (photographic paper, though).

The "end shun" "resume shun", hand motion and all, got just a bit too absurd for me at the end there.

I did like how quickly Jim dropped his smart-guy act and went into super-serious mode when he realized that Michael intended to jump.

And I have to admit: I didn't fully get the "if that's Stanley's car, call so-and-so about a hate crime" reference when it was a watermelon that damaged the car -- I tend to forget that stereotype.

2007-04-14 16:02:19
6.   overkill94
Just got done watching all of Thursday night's shows...

The Office - started off very funny with the Andy (Drew) thing, got a bit too serious toward the end
Grade: B- (grades are in relation to other episodes of the show, not television in general)

30 Rock - not a lot of laughs in this one and the Tracy Jordan / Thomas Jefferson thing is already played out
Grade: C

Scrubs - quality episode with some funny moments (JD's funeral was classic, especially having the choir sing "Party All the Time"), but a lot of the realizations seemed a bit too obvious
Grade: B

2007-04-14 20:18:00
7.   Jon Weisman
I thought 30 Rock was funny and cute. Phoebe with her avian bone disease was very funny.
2007-04-16 10:59:50
8.   Cliff Corcoran
30 Rock is the funniest show on TV. It passed the Office at the end of the last run of shows. The Office is getting bogged down in continuity plot yet its characters are losing their depth at the same time. 30 Rock is like a live-action cartoon, the jokes come hard and fast, both broad and subtle. It's whip smart but not afraid to be incredibly stupid. It's fantastic.
2007-04-16 16:53:08
9.   dzzrtRatt
I like 30 Rock a lot, but in the last couple of episodes, I've seen it veer toward the style of a couple of shows I can't take: "Family Guy," with the pointlessly surreal "I haven't felt this bad since (pop culture) figure did (pop culture thing)" sight gags; and latter-day "Will and Grace," specifically Megan Mullaly and whoever played Jack. 30 Rock doesn't have to be "Studio 60 from the Sunset Strip," but I enjoy more when it seemed recognizably a part of this planet.

"The Office" so far has had no problem making its need for continuity into a strength. No better illustration than Dwight pepper-spraying Roy, then Andy. Totally surprising but in retrospect inevitable.

2007-04-18 00:38:18
10.   overkill94
8 Can't say I agree with you there. 30 Rock does have one or two hilarious jokes per episode, but overall I don't see myself laughing as much from start to finish as much as I do during The Office. Scrubs has probably fallen behind both in terms of pure comedic value, but I still put Scrubs ahead of 30 Rock in terms of overall enjoyment due to the emotional payoff during each episode these days.
2007-04-18 12:18:28
11.   Jon Weisman
The Office characters losing their depth? We just saw an episode where Michael planned a fake suicide, and in the process found his own fears about himself being revealed. We saw how everyone reacted when the joke was no longer a joke. The depth of the characters only improves.

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