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Good Lost Tonight
2007-04-11 23:07
by Jon Weisman

Admittedly, that isn't the best analysis of the episode you'll find on the Internet, but it'll let you talk.

2007-04-11 23:10:46
1.   Greg Brock
Elizabeth Mitchell is so deliciously dastardly. I still have to believe Juliet will do the right thing when the time comes.

Why? Because she's so purty and innocent lookin'! Trusting a woman based on those things never hurt anybody. Ever!

2007-04-11 23:25:30
2.   Bob Timmermann
Elizabeth Mitchell married Santa Claus and saved Christmas! She can't be evil. And Dennis Quaid saved her from a serial murdered in 1969 too! And she was wrongly discharged from Cook County General too!

So who else from "Deadwood" has been on "Lost"?
Calamity Jane (Robin Weigert) is Juliet's sister.
Trixie (Paula Malcomson) got shot by Sun earlier in the year.
Joanie Stubbs (Kim Dickens) was scammed by Sawyer and has now gone on the grift.

Garret Dillahunt seems like he would be an ideal actor to play an Other on "Lost."

That episode had a lot of explication in it.

2007-04-11 23:38:01
3.   JoeyP
Has any other Lost vixen showed as much skin as Juliet did tonite when she was in bed with that guy? She looked really good in that pose/light.

Pretty obvious that she was a spy, but its a mystery what Ben's mission is for her in terms of infiltrating the camp.

This season has flown by. Only 5 more episodes left? Then its off until Sept/October I guess...I'm pretty sure a main character will be killed off in these final 5 episodes, but I cant think of any that I'd like to see killed off. I wouldnt mind seeing the whole cast return for next season.

2007-04-11 23:48:00
4.   Greg Brock
I wouldn't mind if Charlie got killed. I like the actor, but I don't like the character very much. Thankfully, I think he'll bite the dust.

I'm not a big Claire fan either. She could kick off.

2007-04-11 23:54:29
5.   JoeyP
I'm not a big fan of Claire either (and if she died I wouldnt care) , but I think Charlie needs to be kept if only to maintain his storyline with Desmond.

The Desmond thing can go so many different directions, I really hope they keep it. I think it'll always be fresh.

That russian guy that was killed earlier this year--I hope there's more flashbacks to him like this past episode. I think he has a lot of entertaining potential.

2007-04-13 11:06:36
6.   Brent is a Dodger Fan
I think the shot at the end showing the setup between Juliet and Ben was a bit too long and too straightforward. It was already a doubt in our minds where Juliet was coming from, but to reveal exactly how many of her actions had been scripted with Ben was a bit overdone.

That said, they still left enough ambiguity about Juliet to let us wonder if she'll play the mission as straightforwardly as Ben wants.

And, why the heck is Sayid afraid of anyone finding out just how much a bad-boy he was in the past? He's already tortured two people on the Island (Sawyer and Ben), and should know that his capabilities are a greater threat to Juliet than her blackmail is to him.

2007-04-13 21:40:48
7.   jtrichey
I don't think it was blackmail, as much as "who are you to talk to me that way". Everyone definitely knows Sawyer's asshole capabilities, and Sayid has nothing to hide, as you said.

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