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TV Lets Another Andy Richter Gem Get Away
2007-04-09 15:38
by Jon Weisman

Andy Barker, P.I. joins Andy Richter Controls the Universe in TV heaven, according to Josef Adalian of Variety.

The final two episodes of the show will air Saturday. Here's a big opportunity, America, for you to show that there is a place for good television on Saturdays. We just need about 20 million of you to watch.

Do I need to get Sanjaya to guest-star?

2007-04-09 19:45:12
1.   CanuckDodger
My TV Week magazine says episode five is on at 9:30 Thursday, so is episode five being repeated Saturday? Six episodes were made, and we've had four, so...
2007-04-10 04:53:22
2.   Benaiah
Well at least they gave it a shot. Four episodes during a midseason break and two episodes burnt off on a Saturday. I can't believe that they didn't give a show by Conan a better audition than that. Still, critically NBC is so incredibly hot right now, that I will hope this is an aberration (for the sake of "Friday Night Lights"). They debuted three top flight shows this season ("FNL", "30 Rock" and "Heroes") and went from the network with "The Office" to my favorite.
2007-04-10 11:09:00
3.   Jon Weisman
Canuck, they're airing here Saturday night, and you can also see them online.
2007-04-11 17:29:49
4.   aloofman
I saw the first episode and enjoyed it a lot. It has a similar voice to Arrested Development, dry and inane at the same time.

The crazy old man had some of the best lines:

"I'll create a diversion." He shoots the gunman instead.

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