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Jordin's Sparks
2007-04-04 08:26
by Jon Weisman

I pegged Jordin Sparks as an American Idol finalist two weeks ago, and now I'm almost willing to bet that she'll win. I'm definitely willing to bet that she'll have the biggest career of the finalists.

Melinda Dolittle is a professional through and through, and maybe that will be enough to carry her to the title. But her gee-whiz act continues unabated and grows a tad more tiresome each week. Sparks' personality is much more inviting, and I think voters might finally be ready to give the trophy to a teenager, a year after crowning last year's elder, Taylor Hicks.

Lakisha Jones' is the other great singer left, but her stage presence is going to defeat her.

And then there's Sanjaya Malakar, who is such a wild card that I can't even rationally factor him into the conversation. He may be elected president in 2008, for all I know.

* * *

NBC has renewed 30 Rock for a second season, reports Josef Adalian of Variety, but has held off on announcing the fate of Friday Night Lights. As much as I enjoy 30 Rock, the latter decision is much more critical.

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