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Thursday Night Open Chat
2007-03-15 16:53
by Jon Weisman

2007-03-15 18:41:47
1.   dzzrtRatt
For this week's open chat, regular commenters are recutting material from two weeks of comments, along with comments written but never posted to create a hyprid new open chat, in honor of NBC's hybrid concept: "newpeat."
2007-03-15 18:56:07
2.   Bob Timmermann
My DV-R considers tonight's "The Office" to be "new."

NBC has gotten to those Time-Warner people!

2007-03-15 18:57:21
3.   Bob Timmermann
And should I bother to record "Raines"?
2007-03-15 22:07:24
4.   Steve
You're with me, Andy Barker.
2007-03-15 22:30:29
5.   Jon Weisman
4 - I've seen the first three and basically, they just get better.
2007-03-17 00:15:06
6.   Voxter
5 - One should hope so, because judging on the pilot, this show was deeply over-hyped. Moderately amusing, but not anything I'd be sad to miss.

Feel free to behave as though I'm so completely wrong as to not warrant even an acknowledgment of the possibility that I am right, however.

2007-03-17 09:44:21
7.   mintxcore
6 - I'll agree with you Voxter, but i also remind myself that the only pilot I've ever watched and really, really thought was something was for Arrested Development. All other pilots, even for shows I love, are usually not too wonderful (Seinfeld, Curb, the Office, etc).

I am excited for more Andy Barker PI because regardless of how good the pilot was, they set up some really great characters and i'm excited for whats to come.

2007-03-18 00:36:08
8.   Mark T.R. Donohue
6 I thought the pilot was the weakest of the six episodes, because they relied upon a pretty tired femme fatale plot while the others quickly pick up with more clever and absurd mysteries. Hang in there. The second one is very, very funny.
2007-03-19 20:15:55
9.   El Lay Dave
John Waters' "'til Death Do Us Part" debuts on Court TV tonight. I'm intrigued by the idea of a John Waters television show; that's probably enough to get me to watch, although Variety's review was very negative.

2007-03-19 20:42:14
10.   dzzrtRatt
Andy Richter never had it so good as when he was on Conan O'Brien. If Ed McMahon could be a sidekick for 30+ years, what's the matter with Andy? Too big for his britches? He cracked me up many a night during his Conan years, and not much since. The best thing for his career would be to rejoin Conan when the show moves to Leno's slot.

I couldn't watch that show he's in now. I'll give it another try, maybe. But he is part of the problem. He's not a lead-role actor, not even in a goofy comedy. He's not Will Ferrell or Steve Carrell. He's too squishy and indistinct.

2007-03-19 21:02:01
11.   Steve
Isn't the best thing to happen to Andy Richter his epic line in the film Cabin Boy "Maybe it's a fancy word for chum!"

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