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A Good Review
2007-03-13 22:00
by Jon Weisman

"Knocked Up" is uproarious. Line for line, minute to minute, writer-director Judd Apatow's latest effort is more explosively funny, more frequently, than nearly any other major studio release in recent memory. Indeed, even more than the filmmaker's smash-hit sleeper "The 40-Year-Old Virgin," his new pic is bound to generate repeat business among ticketbuyers who'll want to savor certain scenes and situations again and again, if only to memorize punchlines worth sharing with buddies. Currently set for a June 1 release, this hugely commercial comedy likely will remain in megaplexes throughout the summer and, possibly, into the fall. ...

- Joe Leydon, Variety

Update: Here's the Variety review of The Godfather that ran 35 years ago today:

With several million hardcover and paperback books acting as trailers, Paramount's film version of Mario Puzo's sprawling gangland novel, "The Godfather," has a large pre-sold audience. This will bolster the potential for the film which has an outstanding performance by Al Pacino and a strong characterization by Marlon Brando in the title role. It also has excellent production values, flashes of excitement, and a well-picked cast.

But it is also overlong at about 175 minutes (played without intermission), and occasionally confusing. While never so placid as to be boring, it is never so gripping as to be superior screen drama. This should not mar Paramount's box-office expectations in any measure, though some filmgoers may be disappointed. ...

2007-03-14 07:16:03
1.   Greg Brock
It seems like I've been waiting for this movie forever. Every review I've read (test screenings, etc.) has praised it to the rafters.
2007-03-14 09:58:13
2.   Bob Timmermann
Yeah, after reading the novel by Mario Puzo, I couldn't wait to see how Judd Apatow would take on the complex story of Mafia family!
2007-03-14 11:08:00
3.   bhsportsguy
If the husband ever says, "Its not personal, its business" then we have the makings of a classic.
2007-03-14 13:09:45
4.   Mark T.R. Donohue
It's like this: Instead of getting one two-hour comedy every 18 months from Apatow, we should be getting at least an hour and a half a week. As excited as I am to see Rogen, Martin Starr, Jay Baruchel, and Jason Segel all together again, they never should have been split up in the first place. I'll go see "Knocked Up," but like "40-Year-Old Virgin," I'm going to be bitter the whole time about "Undeclared" and "Freaks and Geeks."
2007-03-15 00:42:35
5.   dzzrtRatt
That "played without intermission" line in the Godfather quaint!

When was the last movie to have an intermission? It's got to have been 25 or more years ago.

2007-03-15 16:55:25
6.   Jon Weisman
Branaugh's Hamlet is the last one I've seen.

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