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Thursday Night Open Chat
2007-02-22 16:28
by Jon Weisman

2007-02-22 20:56:39
1.   Greg Brock
Wow...Roy is...Not very sane. Egads.

That was terrible...And yet, it advances the cause.

2007-02-22 21:04:10
2.   overkill94
So how long until New Pam breaks up Jim and Karen?

Dwight popping up at the end there was pretty dang hilarious. Overall a good episode, somewhere in the middle overall for the series.

2007-02-22 22:01:35
3.   ToyCannon
I may have to change my opinion of 30 Rock. 1st time all year that it clicked from beginning to end and Baldwin didn't have to carry the show.
2007-02-22 22:20:51
4.   Josh G
Does anyone know what the deal is with the guest directors? I saw that JJ Abrams directed this episode.
2007-02-22 22:23:07
5.   Andrew Shimmin
I liked the 30 Rock, too. Which is irritating. I guess, now that I've quit watching Monk, it's alright to pick up a new show, but having just two was working out pretty well. Plus there's the thirty minute dead space, in between. Scrubs may have been good once (I never caught on to it), but I'm pretty sure it's not, right now.

I was surprised by Roy, but I don't think he's nuts. He had a great life, after a fashion. Wonderful woman he didn't deserve, but who was willing to marry him, anyway. Sure it's cosmically just that Jim helped Pam realize that she could do better but Roy's picking up the tab, in whole, on that.

2007-02-22 22:42:36
6.   CanuckDodger
5 -- Why did you stop watching Monk?
2007-02-22 22:55:48
7.   Andrew Shimmin
It stopped being funny and started being ridiculous. The leper one; Yeah, of course a judge would take some guy's word for it that the rich dude was still alive. That's exactly what would happen. That's the true essence of probate law: taking some guy's word for stuff.
2007-02-23 06:40:20
8.   JoeyP
This last episode was very strong IMO.

Kevin--"Give me some room...Its complicated"..and Creed's "I run a fake ID company out of the back of my trunk"...excellent.

Dwight being Dwight was pretty good.

Karen messing with Jim's mind..that was cool.

The only thing that didnt work was Roy going nuts, but then again I still thought that was funny bc his brother started trashing the bar with him. For whatever reason, I even laughed at that.

Michael and Jan stuff was good, although I think they are funnier when they arent together and Jan is just bossing Michael around in the business setting.

I hope Andy comes back soon too.

2007-02-23 07:15:39
9.   Benaiah
I really dug this episode. Jan and Michael's story was great; Jan smoking a cigarette and explaining the risk/reward of going public with Michael, Michael behaving like- well, Michael, only Jan pulls him in the bathroom and then the final climactic gender reversal scene, where Michael somehow manages to say exactly the right thing. Dwight was hilarious throughout (that creepy scene in the kid's bedroom?). "New Pam" who does things like ask for light beer, and "New Roy" who apparently has been suppressing his rage for a bit too long. Toby demonstrating that he still had feelings for Pam, only his grand gesture was counter productive. Karen and Jim not worrying about Pam, and just having fun. It was a nice character episode that was only tangentially concerned with Jam and Karen and all of that. Plus, how many episodes have cliffhanger endings? It wasn't the best of all episodes (Yankee Swap, the Dundees, Casino Night, Oscar Coming Out), but it was a solid episode for a show that always brings it.
2007-02-23 10:57:20
10.   Terry A
Jan's inner conflict is hilarious. She even uses "That's what she said" and immediately hates herself for it. Just classic.
2007-02-24 08:41:02
11.   dzzrtRatt
I am of two minds of this episode.

It was extremely funny.

However, I think the humor here came at a cost. To put the main characters into the wider world and to show that they are freaks compared with normal people kind of misses the point of "The Office," which is that the business world is full of people like this, and so Michael, Jan, Dwight, Karen, Creed, Phyllis, Angela would not stand out. I thought this line got crossed Thursday night, especially with Dwight's tour of the house and his appearance in the kid's bedroom.

(By comparison, think of Gilligan's Island. The castaways were odd, but then so was everybody else who happened to land on their island.)

Actually, now I realize I'm of three minds. Jan's character is getting so fascinatingly strange. Michael says something infuriatingly embarassing and her first impulse is to boink him in the CFO's guest bathroom? I've known people like this! From looking at her website, I suspect the actress playing Jan is a little like this herself.

2007-02-24 12:21:58
12.   Jon Weisman
11 - Just keep in mind that we used to think Jan was normal, and all your worries about this episode should go away.
2007-02-24 15:29:13
13.   Brent is a Dodger Fan
When Jan said "Why is this so hard? That's what she said" I burst into such a loud laugh that it scared the bejesus out of my four month old daughter whom my wife was holding at the time.

11 I agree that Jan's character is getting strange. I wasn't quite sure, however, if her impulse was to boink Michael in the bathroom, or if she was deliberately trying to make the point that all the inappropriate things Michael was saying were about as inappropriate as the two of them getting it on in the bathroom at the party. Then again, maybe it is Michael's tendency to be inappropriate that attracts her to him in the first place.

2007-02-25 11:31:16
14.   mintxcore
did anyone catch rainn wilson on SNL last night? i made the exception from my SNL apathy for Rainn and after what felt like a 20 minute opening sketch, regretted my choice. Man, SNL is bad.

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