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Next on Screen Jam: Viewers Who Choose To Watch Commercials
2007-02-16 10:25
by Jon Weisman

" ...even when people watch recorded shows later, many are not fast-forwarding through the ads. On average, Nielsen found, DVR owners watch 40 percent of commercials that they could skip over — perhaps because they like ads, don't mind them or simply can't be bothered."

- New York Times

It does make sense to me that people will watch an ad right at the beginning or end of a series of commercials, because you can be captured at the moment you're starting or stopping your fast-forwarding. But I'm surprised many people would actively choose ad-viewing.

2007-02-16 10:49:37
1.   Bob Timmermann
I think my girlfriend watches the commercials because she isn't that facile with a remote control. She doesn't even remember to pause when she wants to go to the bathroom.
2007-02-16 10:56:50
2.   Zak
I have a two year old and I only watch TV (at least my shows) after he sleeps, which means on my DVR. I almost never watch commercials now. In a way it's bad, because sometimes I don't even know what movies are coming out, let alone anything else they want to sell me. But then my sister comes over once in a while and makes me watch "Nothing but Trailers" and I'm all caught up.
2007-02-16 10:59:00
3.   Zak
Wow, that was one wild tangent I ended up on. Point being, it's hard to imagine anyone actively watching commercials either. But like Bob's girlfriend, my wife will sometimes watch commercials because she is not super-quick with commercials and it's her pet peeve if I ever fast forward right into a show we are watching instead of stopping right when the commercials end.
2007-02-16 13:29:54
4.   aloofman
They can easily skip the commercials, but choose not to?

To quote Butthead: "Some people are dumb."

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