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Night Night
2007-02-10 22:26
by Jon Weisman

Coming out later this year, We Own the Night is the third film by my cousin, writer-director James Gray, following Little Odessa and The Yards to complete a New York-based trilogy of sorts. We Own the Night stars Joaquin Phoenix, Mark Wahlberg, Robert Duvall and Eva Mendes.

James showed a not-quite-polished cut of the movie to friends and family this past week, and I have to say, I'm really excited for him. The film is taut, tense, intense. It might look like a simple genre film at first - one brother's a cop, the other operates on the fringe of the law - but it is sharply plotted with nuanced relationships among the characters and great performances, including some from unknowns.

And while this wasn't important to me personally, I think this is his most marketable film. Little Odessa, in particular, was a pretty straight tragedy - elegaic in many ways and heartbreaking - but even with Tim Roth in a strong lead performance, not as easy to promote. We Own the Night, I hope, will get more attention.

2007-02-11 01:20:08
1.   overkill94
Exciting stuff, you would think with that cast it'll get some good promotion. I'll have to keep an eye out for it in the theaters.

The real question is, though, what are the chances of your cousin hooking me up with Eva Mendes?

2007-02-11 18:10:31
2.   Sam DC
I saw Little Odessa in the theaters and found it gripping, aching, and just overall very strong. Had no idea that was your cousin.

I mean now, of course, since back then I'd have had no idea you were that guy's cousin.

Anyhow, I'd also like to say that, unlike most observers, I thought your cousin was fair with Pete Rose; what else could Rose have expected in that situation?

2007-02-12 13:21:21
3.   MadMonk
Sounds exciting, Jon. I saw both films in the theaters when they first showed up. I like them both (a lot in the case of Little Odessa), the first for Tim Roth, and the second for the gripping story and the revelation that Mark Wahlberg isn't that bad of an actor given the right role.

I definitely will be looking out for the new movie. Congrats to your cousin, Jon.

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