Baseball Toaster Screen Jam
Andy Andy
2007-01-29 16:36
by Jon Weisman

Andy Bernard vs. Andy Millman. Discuss.

Bonus points for whoever can compare them to Andy Andy from Cheers. Or Andy Renko. Or Rinko Kikuchi.

I admit it - I got nothin' today.

Your friend,

- Jon

2007-01-29 21:39:40
1.   Bob Timmermann
What, are you having a laugh?
2007-01-29 22:39:17
2.   Jon Weisman
What, are you having a laugh?
2007-01-29 23:40:09
3.   Bob Timmermann
I watched "Studio 60" again. Just because.

Man, does that show really, really, really, really (looks for word that passes muster) blow.

Yet, I still can't turn away!

2007-01-29 23:44:03
4.   Greg Brock
4 Tell me about it. It's like Huff all over again.

It's just not a good show. And it should be.

2007-01-29 23:45:56
5.   Greg Brock
Also, I tried so hard to connect Andy Milner, Andy Bernard, and Andy Andy.

Andy Milner was an extra in "The Tempest"
Andy Andy performed in "Othello" with Diane.
Andy Milner...went to Cornell (nothin')

2007-01-29 23:54:38
6.   Bob Timmermann
Do bright, well-educated daughters of wealthy Chinese businessmen decide to give up on years of training and just fling themselves at nerdy looking improv comics?

You can actually be on top of a building in a heavily populated part of L.A. and NOT get cell phone service?

If Harriet was getting an award from a Catholic media group where were the ... you know ... Catholics, like priests and nuns and Martin Sheen?

And I really hope that I never have to see the finished film that Harriet is filming.

But on the other hand, it was an interesting "Heroes" and Peter MacNicol has surprisingly turned himself into the early candidate for "guy on '24' you want to see get hit repeatedly in the face by Jack Bauer." I'm not sure though how James Cromwell could have two sons and have them end up looking Kiefer Sutherland and Paul McCrane.

2007-01-30 00:06:32
7.   Greg Brock
There's also the fact that Tom comes up with a completely unnecessary and elaborate lie to his girl, instead of saying "I have to take this girl out on a date because the scary boss said so." Completely derivative.

Also, Bradley Whitford's character is a stalker.

2007-01-30 07:13:34
8.   Fletch
As I had posted in another thread, I really am enjoying the 2nd season of Extras. The Daniel Radcliffe story and fighting with dwarves is tough to beat. But Stephen Merchant's character steals the show.

As far as Studio 60, the preview said America will be talking about next week's episode. I turned to my wife and said, "Does anyone in America still watch this show?" The Simon- young writer storyline is abysmal. The woman playing the Reality TV head is worse than Minka Kelly....

2007-01-30 07:41:43
9.   Jon Weisman
8 - No fair baiting.

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