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At the End of the Tunnel
2007-01-15 09:50
by Jon Weisman

Among other revelations, the people behind Lost related on Sunday their plans to run all 22 episodes consecutively next season, and to determine in the near future a target for ending the series, reports Michael Schneider in Variety.

According to "Lost" exec producer Carlton Cuse, picking an end date for "Lost" would help the show's creative team to map the next several seasons as they plot the show's thick mythology.

"It's time for us to find an endpoint to the show," said Cuse, speaking Sunday at ABC's portion of the TV Critics Assn. press tour. "It's a struggle for us, because we don't know if we have three years, four years or more to go. If we had an endpoint, then we could figure out where everything goes."

Such a move would placate fans of the show, who frequently gripe that they have no indication whether the show's ever-increasing mysteries will pay off. A set timetable would send a message to viewers that all of their questions will be answered eventually.

"Once we figure out when that will be, a lot of those concerns will go away," Cuse said. "The worst point is when a show ends and no one cares. We don't want that to happen. We want to make the shows good for as long as we do the show."

Cuse suggested the show could end once it hits 100 episodes in season five ("Lost" is currently shooting episode 62). But it's far more likely that "Lost" would continue at least through its seventh season, when the show's thesps' current contracts expire.

Among others, Brian Lowry of Variety made this suggestion late last year.

2007-01-15 10:07:56
1.   Bob Timmermann
I thought Season 7 was going to be "The Zombie Season" accoring to Cuse and Lindelof's podcasts. Eventually, they may have to turn to their other narrative device that they have alluded to: monkey butlers.
2007-01-15 11:34:31
2.   Greg Brock
I haven't been as up on the behind the scenes stuff as I used to be, but I always thought it was a five season plan.
2007-01-15 14:20:55
3.   Greg Brock
Cuse: "We went to Steve McPherson last season and said, 'Okay, one of our main characters, Michael, is going to kill two of our other main characters.'

Lindelof: "And they were all: 'As long as one of them is Michele Rodriguez.'"


2007-01-15 14:30:41
4.   Voxter
Wow, this pretty much fulfills both of my requests for the show: Saner scheduling, and some feeling we're not just wandering around in a morass of disjointed backstory and not going anywhere.

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