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Angelina, Madonna ... Gina
2006-11-09 08:45
by Jon Weisman

The latest megastar to go the international adoption route is .. Sesame Street veterinarian Gina. Her new, 2-ish-year-old son from Guatemala, Marco, arrived at his new home this morning and politely embraced the rather profound diversity of his new neighborhood, taking the giant yellow bird and furry monsters of all colors in stride. (My experience with my kids is that upon seeing such sights, they would freak out. They might freak out in excitement or in fear, but one way or another, they would definitely freak out.)

Anyway, Maria showed Gordon and Luis how to fit an oversized crib through an apartment door, Gina sang, and all was well. Not a tabloid reporter anywhere to be seen - though I wouldn't put it past Grover to try selling an exclusive to Us.

2006-11-09 17:50:48
1.   Benaiah
Well... as I am sure you all have heard tonight is an exciting night on for the Office. Obviously something had to happen sooner or later to change the status quo (or perhaps to change back to the status quo) and maybe tonight is the night.
2006-11-09 19:41:59
2.   Bob Timmermann
My oldest brother has two children from Guatemala. They tend to be the short kids at family gatherings.
2006-11-09 20:33:58
3.   Benaiah
I anticipate a new office post in about 35 minutes.
2006-11-09 21:11:14
4.   Benaiah
Well? What did you think of the office? Oh yeah, everyone is probably watching Grey's. Boooo Grey's.
2006-11-09 21:11:17
5.   Bob Timmermann
Why did it take me so long to figure out that Rashida Jones is Peggy Lipton's daughter?
2006-11-09 21:31:28
6.   Bob Timmermann
Excellent episode of "The Office."
2006-11-09 22:01:35
7.   Benaiah
6 - That was a fantastic episode. It had everything, drama, romance, comedy and Karen saying exactly what she thought. I actually felt really bad when she said that, only because I think that ultimately this will end badly for her. Unlike in the British Office (or with Jim's earlier girlfriend) this girl is really well developed and I will be sad when inevitably Jim chooses Pam over her. Maybe she can move on to Roy or something.

NBC has a "producer's cut" of the episode up online with some extended features that are pretty hysterical and flesh out the episode quite a bit.

2006-11-09 22:24:00
8.   Benaiah
5 - By Quincy Jones no less. I just did a quick Wiki/Google search and found out that she wrote an open letter to Tupac defending her parent's mixed marriage that the rapper felt so strongly about that he attempted to find her and apologize. He accidentally approached her younger sister in the process, and they ended up engaged until his murder. Which is to say: WHAT?!? Life really is stranger than fiction.
2006-11-09 23:17:16
9.   Voxter
5 - Who's Peggy Lipton?

Anyway, I thought this was a fantastic episode of "The Office". Perhaps not as funny as usual -- though the "Future Dwight" thing had me in tears --, but "The Office" is the rare sitcom (maybe the only one ever) that is just as strong with its drama as its comedy. I felt the resolution of the branch closing was very clever without being gimmicky.

2006-11-09 23:22:15
10.   Benaiah
9 - Most comedies on TV are really just 30 minute dramas with a laugh track. I love that the Office always has a plot, but it never sacrifices the comedy to show you some romance (Friends comes to mind as a prime example of this). I am so pumped about the comic possibilities of the love square of Pam, Jim, Karen and Roy.
2006-11-09 23:34:07
11.   Bob Timmermann

How can someone be unaware of Peggy Lipton?

You probably think "The Mod Squad" was a movie starring Clare Danes.

2006-11-09 23:35:05
12.   Bob Timmermann
I think it's a love trapezoid as not all the connections are equally close.
2006-11-09 23:50:12
13.   Voxter
11 - I don't think of "The Mod Squad" at all, actually. I looked up Lipton, and I recognized a number of things she'd been in, but the only one of which I was a fan was "Twin Peaks". From which I didn't remember her, so . . .

10 - I'd say this used to be more true than it has been lately. The innovation of the sitcom-without-laugh-track has been huge, because I believe it forces shows to be funnier on their merits. It also allows shows to play their drama better when they want -- though "The Office" and "Scrubs" are the only ones trying this, that I can think of, and "The Office" is much more successful with it than "Scrubs", which occasionally tips the scales into sappy territory. As a matter of fact, I would say that "The Office" is less hysterically funny than "Scrubs", but it's a more nuanced show -- and its nuances are things that lesser shows (like "Friends") can't even begin to conceptualize, let alone shoot for.

2006-11-10 00:08:57
14.   Bob Timmermann

The "Mod Squad" was the finest acting that Tige Andrews ever did!

2006-11-10 00:24:36
15.   4444
Thanks much for the tip on the "producer's cut." Good stuff. Now watching Jenna Fischer on Letterman (tonight). Fun Office night.

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