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2006-10-27 10:04
by Jon Weisman

I haven't gotten around to the Screen Jam sidebar yet, but when I do, you can be sure that I'll have the blogs of Jenna Fischer and Dwight K. Schrute.

Here's Jenna's explanation of why Pam is not (yet) with Jim:

On another note - my brother-in-law emailed me last night and asked "Why is Pam not with Jim!?" I've been asked this question a lot. Here is how it breaks down:

1. On Casino Night (in May) – Jim tells Pam he is in love with her and wants to be more than friends. She says, "I can't." Later, Jim kisses Pam. She responds but then pulls away. Jim says, "So you're really going to marry him?" And Pam nods "Yes." Jim says "Okay" and leaves.

2. Jim transfers to Stamford – This is in May. We know he transfers because in his conversation with Jan on Casino Night she asks him if he's told anyone about the fact that he's accepted the new job.

3. Pam reveals that she called off her wedding 6 days before the wedding. Her wedding date was June 10th. So, Jim has been in Stamford for about one month* at this point. They haven't been speaking as Jim made it clear he cannot be "just friends". (I think it would be pretty awkward to assume they've been in contact over this time.)

People want to know why she hasn't called Jim all this time but you have to look at it realistically…she just got out of a 10 year relationship with her high school sweetheart. When she called off the wedding, Jim had already been living in Stamford. She has no idea what he is doing there. Maybe he has a girlfriend but even if he doesn't, what are they going to do? Have a long distance romance? I'm sure she's thought of it but it's awkward. She's not the type of person who takes a lot of initiative.

And now, it's been 6 months since she called off the wedding. She's never lived on her own. She's never had the chance to figure out who she is without a man in her life. She went on a date because Kelly set her up. I think we all know that Kelly can be pretty persuasive. She had probably been bugging Pam for a month and Pam finally broke down. But, she hasn't dated since. She's just trying to figure things out.

I hope that helps!

*I used to have this say 2 months but I realized I did my math wrong.

2006-10-28 19:52:39
1.   Benaiah
Thanks, thanks a lot. I just spent gods knows how may hours looking at all the various office blogs. Great, just what I needed to do with all of my time.

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