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2006-10-27 09:12
by Jon Weisman

Wayne Brady has been cast to play the brother of Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) on How I Met Your Mother, reports Josef Adalian of Variety:

Harris is white. Brady isn't. So it's safe to assume one of the brothers is adopted, right?

"I feel like the less we say about it, the funnier it will be," said "Mother" exec producer and co-creator Carter Bays. "We wanted to present a different kind of family. (And) we like that 'What the hell?' factor."

2006-10-27 10:00:18
1.   Voxter
Hey, it worked just fine on "Northern Exposure". Remember Bernard, Chris in the Morning's "peripatetic soul brother"? That was great.

Of course, that was "Northern Exposure", and this is "How I Met Your Mother". So I have my doubts. Not that I'll be watching.

2006-10-27 11:28:46
2.   JJoeScott
1 - Have you watched HIMYM? If you (like I did) gave it a couple of episodes and then tuned out, I'd recommend tuning back in. We "rediscovered" it late last season, and the show and cast really seemed to have hit it's stride. IMO, it's the only good CBS sitcom on Monday night (I'm sorry, but Julia Louis Dreyfus? Love her ... hate her show.)

My favorite Wayne Brady moment is still his "guest hosting" of Chapelle's Show -- "Is Wayne Brady going to have to choke a (woman)?!"

2006-10-27 11:48:22
3.   Jon Weisman
2 - I'm watching HIMYM this year after giving up on it last year. It's tolerable but it's still pretty missable. I mainly watch it because I watch a lot of heavy drama and need something light as a change of pace, and there are so few options out there now.
2006-10-27 12:20:57
4.   Linkmeister
Truth stranger than fiction?

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