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Tobias To Get Head Examined?
2006-10-21 23:05
by Jon Weisman

In case you haven't heard, the people at Scrubs are at least informally talking about having characters from Arrested Development as patients - at least according to Zach Braff (via the Ausiello Report at

Ausiello: What's this I hear about David Cross coming on as his Arrested Development character?

Braff: That's what I'm trying to broker. I'm a huge fan of his and so is Bill, and our idea was that he would play Tobias in an episode. Obviously, we have to get that cleared by a lot of people, like [Arrested creator] Mitch [Hurwitz] and Fox, but that was my pitch. David wants to do it.

Ausiello: Is it your goal to get the entire Arrested Development cast on Scrubs?

Braff: [Laughs] Yeah, one by one. I was such a fan.

2006-10-22 13:27:02
1.   Benaiah
Maybe Tobias could be brought on staff as the resident anal-rapist. This move of course raises some continuity questions, since J.D. has obviously been moonlighting as the director of the "Girls with Low Self Esteem" movies and a closeted never nude... who Tobias has met before no less. On the other hand... I would pay to see my favorite leather daddy on TV again.
2006-10-22 15:21:22
2.   D4P
I would very willingly suspend my disbelief regarding continuity problems (remember too that Jason Bateman appeared on an episode of Scrubs) in order to reincarnate the Arrested Development characters on Scrubs.
2006-10-23 12:15:21
3.   ToyCannon
I've been missing Scrubs, when is it supposed to debut this fall?
2006-10-23 19:26:27
4.   Greg Brock
And D4P is pleased.

As am I

2006-10-24 07:43:32
5.   Voxter
3 - It's scheduled to be a mid-season replacement come January.

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