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2006-10-18 22:06
by Jon Weisman

There is almost never, if ever, an episode of Lost that I dislike. And I liked tonight's, although I felt it finished stronger than it started.

Dream or hallucination sequences are always a challenge to pull off, and I found myself feeling impatient during Locke's visit to his Spirit Lodge and his ensuing airport drifting. It was a very self-conscious sequence. But the episode gained momentum as it progressed, and I found myself riveted to see whether or not Locke would shoot Eddie. I honestly wasn't sure what he would do.

I did find myself more curious about how Locke met up and ended up with Mike and Jan (those were their names, right?) than what the camp was actually up to.

The epilogue provided plenty of food for thought going forward. So what about Desmond and his latest trick, huh?

2006-10-19 00:56:47
1.   the OZ
Yeah, Desmond was REALLY good at skipping those rocks across the water at the end of the episode... :)
2006-10-19 06:14:37
2.   DXMachina
I pegged Eddie as a cop the instant he first asked about the greenhouse. It's interesting (and strains credulity) that it seems almost every person on the plane is either a murderer (Kate, Sawyer, Sayid, et al), had the opportunity to murder someone and rejected it (Jin, Locke), or became a murderer on the island (Michael, Charlie). At this point it wouldn't surprise me to discover that Libby was in the institution because she'd shot up the chicken joint that Hurley'd worked in.
2006-10-19 06:30:58
3.   Jon Weisman
2 - You're saying Lost should be more realistic with its plot?
2006-10-19 07:03:18
4.   Benaiah
I was actually disappointed because I was hoping to find out how Locke got paralyzed and instead we got a story that introduces a whole new period in Locke's life, one that seemingly has no effects on all the parts we already know about (what I mean is that this missing piece seems to be to a whole new puzzle). Plus, Locke's side of the island is a whole lot less interesting that the other side right now. Though Desmond's power is definately spicing things up.
2006-10-19 07:19:39
5.   DXMachina
3 - I'm wondering how all these folks managed to get through security and onto a plane. :)

No, I think hopes for a realistic plot sailed long before Michael did, and I'm long accustomed to suspending disbelief. It's just that the island seems to have more murderers and criminals per square foot than Attica.

2006-10-19 13:53:56
6.   Linkmeister
5 Think Australia in the colonization era. ;)
2006-10-19 16:06:05
7.   jtrichey
I'm not sure what is being referred to as the "power" of Desmond.

He was throwing rocks in the ocean, and Hurley said he had deja vu. What did I miss?

2006-10-19 16:28:55
8.   DXMachina
It wasn't just deja vu. Desmond told Hurley what Locke was going to say before Locke even knew he was going to make a speech.
2006-10-19 21:55:03
9.   mintxcore
is it just me or was Desmond looking a bit Jesus-y last night?
2006-10-20 14:33:14
10.   underdog
I think my favorite part of the episode was the sudden appearance of castaways I don't recall ever seeing before - and some of them even had speaking parts! I know there are more people in the group than they can focus on, but it just struck me as funny. Suddenly there were people acting as if they were part of the "gang" - I kept thinking, "Who the heck are these people?!"

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