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Great Scott!
2006-10-13 13:00
by Jon Weisman

Dang, The Office was funny last night. And it was packing all its usual strengths - endaring romance, and an ending that redeemed all for their sins and fears. It is just a work of art.

Pam's story of her aunt's death was clever. Ryan's topper about his cousin Mufasa was nothing short of brilliant.

I could go on and on. I just love the show.

(This deeply thought-out post is just so indicative of how evolved Screen Jam is, isn't it?)

2006-10-13 13:24:09
1.   Benaiah
My aunt never watches TV, but she asked me what show would I recommend to her as a must see. So last night we watched The Office together and she metaphorically died laughing. To the point where it was almost annoying because I couldn't hear all of the dialogue.

I really like that they have shaken up the Jim and Pam dynamic, and their relationship is complicated by the new love interests and the reinvention of Roy. Even though they aren't around each other, everything they do reminds me of their eventual reunion.

I love that some of the background characters have really come to the fore this season. Kelly is good for a laugh or two every episode (when Michael went to comfort her this episode, only to inevitably find out she was crying about Ryan), Ryan has escaped from just being a foil for Kelly and Michael and is funny in his own right and Pam has essentially gone from a co-conspirator with Jim to head provocateur in his absence.

Finally, I love that the show always finds deeper wells of emotion to demonstrate the humanity of the characters in the farce. Michael is a terrible boss and person, but he is not without emotional depth. Last night it was clear that what really bothered him was that a surrogate of himself had died. The dispassionate response of the others pointed out the real standing of the boss in the office and so he was forced to overreact to try and stir up the feeling he felt was missing.
Like you said, I could, and did, go on and on because I absolutely love the show.

2006-10-13 14:29:55
2.   joeldtaylor
I still can't believe that there are people not watching this show.
2006-10-13 15:47:49
3.   CanuckDodger
The scene that had me laughing hardest was the one with Michael talking on the phone to Jan with Dwight standing behind Michael. Michael tells Jan that he wants a statue of the late Ed Truck, but one that moves. Dwight says that would be a robot. Michael likes the idea of a robot, and he wants it to be life size, but Dwight counters that it should be two-thirds human size, because then it would be easier to control "in case it turns on us." Jan hangs up on Michael. Dwight shows Michael a drawing of the robot, with only a six foot electrical cord, presumably to limit the robot's range for when it turns on them. Boy, I was in hysterics.
2006-10-13 16:02:45
4.   Jon Weisman
3 - Absolutely.

Am I correct that no one in the show connected the fact that Ed Truck was killed by a truck?

I guess that's the last we'll see of Ken Howard in Scranton.

2006-10-13 16:57:42
5.   CanuckDodger
Hey, Jon, did you ever give any thought to accepting my recommendation to get the DVD's of the Canadian comedy The Newsroom? I feel uncomfortable telling anybody how to spend their money, but I just think you would love those DVD's, if you love The Office, and comedies like Scrubs and Arrested Development (I think The Newsroom has all those great shows beat, as good as they are).
2006-10-13 17:04:23
6.   Jon Weisman
5 - I'd definitely like to see it, but might wait for the summer.
2006-10-13 17:23:59
7.   CanuckDodger
6 -- Okay. If or when you do see it, please let me know, and let me know what you think of it. Man, I hate being a nuisance. I would make a poor salesman. But I can't help but spread the gospel of The Newsroom whenever I see an opportunity to do so.
2006-10-13 21:53:30
8.   Andrew Shimmin
2- People like D4P. It really is sad, isn't it?

3- Dwight's resorbing his twin fetus, and, consequently having the strength of a grown man AND a fetus was my favorite. Do I regret that? No.

2006-10-14 09:34:17
9.   Greg Brock
Jim's rival at the Samford branch is so abrasive and seemingly inept, it seems as though he'd be a perfect fit at the Scranton branch.

Michael: "His capa was detated!"

2006-10-14 10:47:05
10.   Jake Luft
All this postseason baseball is getting in the way of prime time viewing. Casualties so far this week: The Office and Lost. My wife told me about the Mufasa scene. Epic. Hopefully I can get Lost in this weekend.

Where's the Battlestar post I was promised? Last night was a big-time cliff-hanger. Best part of the show was Six putting on her panties though.

2006-10-14 15:24:14
11.   Jon Weisman
10 - Like you said, casualties of October. But Battlestar and The Wire are next in line for me.
2006-10-14 17:03:38
12.   Andrew Shimmin
If you're taking requests, could you post a HOWTO on distinguishing the new D.A. from the new cop on Law and Order (original recipe)? Admittedly, I haven't been watching closely, but I think they might have one actress playing both parts. Which is either brilliant satire, or the lamest cost-cutting move in tv history. Or, you know, maybe I'm wrong about the whole thing.
2006-10-14 21:31:07
13.   Greg Brock
I have tried to convert many a soul to Battlestar Galactica, so my plea has been reduced to this simple line:

I refused to watch the show because it was based on a stupid sci-fi crapfest from the late 70's, and then I got it on iTunes, and it is far and away the best show on television.

2006-10-16 00:35:06
14.   Greg Brock
It appears that Studio 60 is not going to get renewed.

Wow. I don't think it's great by any stretch, but I never figured it for a one and done show. What a blow to NBC's plans.

2006-10-18 08:30:34
15.   4444
Greg, that explanation (#13) for BG works for me, since the first half of your sentence pretty much nails my thoughts. I'm going to track down season 1 over the next month and dive in and see if I like what I find.

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