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The Upside: Feel Free To Keep Calling The Office a Cult Hit
2006-10-02 09:17
by Jon Weisman

More people watched the premiere of Ugly Betty on Thursday than My Name Is Earl and The Office combined. (Survivor scored a narrow victory over Betty in the slot.)

We'll have to see if Betty retains its audience in its second week, and if so, whether NBC will move what has become its bellwether comedies. Even Six Degrees, whose future has had to be defended, outdrew The Office.

* * *

Ten minutes into its second episode, I dropped Brothers and Sisters from my watch list. It seems inescapably tepid. It has lots of plot points, but little drama. It doesn't make me feel anything. Oodles of expository dialogue isn't helping matters. ...

I don't watch Desperate Housewives - have never seen a full episode - but every now and then I'll catch the final couple of minutes. Sunday night, Eva Longoria had a scene about the loss of a baby and seemed particularly wooden. Was that called for in the moment, or is her acting just that bland?

2006-10-03 13:33:19
1.   Sam DC
I'm guessing that Veronica Mars tops the Tivo list in the Weisman household tonight.

I'm thinking even the mighty Yankees may need to stand down for this one.

2006-10-03 13:33:51
2.   Sam DC
Not to make any assumptions about the proper designation for the entire household, mind you, just working with what I got.
2006-10-03 14:20:27
3.   Andrew Shimmin
Don't know if there's a post coming on last night's Studio 60 (the first one I've seen on an actual t.v.), but I've decided to officially renounce the series. More unfunny skits, more unfunny everything. Cult hit The Office could easily be the only show I watch, by the end of this year.
2006-10-03 14:22:38
4.   Jon Weisman
1 - It tops the TiVo list, though I'm scheduled to attend my first work-related film screening tonight: "Flags of My Fathers."

3 - I commented at Western Homes on his post. I didn't feel like beating a dead horse here re: Studio 60.

2006-10-03 15:56:35
5.   Andrew Shimmin
4- Hadn't seen that; thanks for the pointer. I'm envious that you get to see the new Eastwood movie. Even if you don't find a way to tunnel your readers in under the Variety subscription wall, will you be allowed to post about it?
2006-10-03 16:27:14
6.   Jon Weisman
5 - I'm gonna ask.

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